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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash my woven product?

Yes! All of our products have already been pre-washed during the manufacturing process.

Washing Instructions for Blankets: Hand wash in cool water using mild detergent or machine wash on gentle cycle. Dry on cool cycle (separately). The threads hold the colors well, but we suggest not making a regular routine washing them as colors will fade and lose detail within the artwork. Faces without detail will become unrecognizable.

Washing Instructions for Pillows, Shams, & Totes: The washing instructions depend on the manufacturer. Your options for these products are either spot clean or dry clean only. Do not machine wash. Either the listing will include directions or the product itself will come with instructions.

Washing Instructions for Wall Tapestries: Spot or dry clean only. Do not machine wash. Either the listing will include directions or the product itself will come with instructions. If you purchased a Gallery-Wrapped, wood-framed wall tapestry, spot clean only. Also we recommend dusting these with a feather duster like you would any other wall art.

Do You Have Afghan Color Samples Available Online?

Yes, they are available as the second photo in all of our Thanks Coach product lines… transferable to all afghans.

What Is The Difference Between An Afghan, A Coverlet, And A Tapestry Throw?

A coverlet is a tapestry throw blanket. One manufacturer was just trying to be unique. Afghans are Tapestries are different products. Every woven product is created with yarn running in two directions: horizontal and vertical. The yarn used in the manufacture of an afghan is the same thickness in both directions while a tapestry throw is manufactured with yarn of two different diameters. In a tapestry throw the thinner of the two yarns; i.e., the warp, actually consists of at 6 different color strands of yarn which are combined in various ways, based on your photo, to re-create the colors as accurately as possible (even black and white) in a woven tapestry photo throw.
This distinction in yarn thickness means several things:

    • Tapestry throw resolution is always superior to afghan resolution.
    • Photos with more than 1-2 subjects and/or a lot of detail will not weave with satisfactory graphic definition in an afghan.
    • Full color photo throws must be done as tapestry throws to recreate all of the colors.
    • Afghans are limited to 2-3 colors. 
    • Afghans have a slightly thicker feel than tapestry throws. 
    • The fringes of tapestry throws (even two color throws) are always multi-colored.

How do I order custom products and can I purchase them directly on the website?

Yes you can purchase the custom products on our website. There are two ways to order custom products. You can choose to design it yourself by purchasing a certificate number which will allow you to design your own product using your pictures, words, art, etc… or you can hire our team of professionals’ to design your product for you.

1. Design it yourself: When you make the purchase on our website, we will send you a certificate number along with the directions within 24 hours, if not automatically. You will create your product on our suppliers’ website ( If you know how to upload a picture onto a website or an email, you can easily design your own blanket. This method saves you money, is fun and easy, and allows you some bragging rights about making it yourself.

2. Hire our team to custom design your product. If you are wanting a collage of photos or just don’t feel like you can do it yourself, we still have this option. It is more expensive because it takes time to create quality products from scratch, but it can be rewarding too. Depending on how much text (styles and colors), borders, and extras you want added, the design process will likely take 1-5 business days. If no customization is needed, other than the photo itself, we will not send you a proof, it will take less than 24 hours to be submitted to the mill. Once you purchase the product on our website, please send us an email ( with all of your photo(s), wording and dates with correct spelling, and any other special directions. Consider font styles and colors, centering, spacing, borders, etc. The possibilities are endless. Please include the order number in the title.

How / When Do I Pay For My Order?

Payment for your order is required before we begin production. For your convenience we accept the following major credit cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We also accept Checks, PayPal, and Amazon Payments for your convenience. We have a secure website with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. If mailing a check, please note that we will not begin production of you order until your check clears.

Do You Charge Sales Tax?

We do business all over the world, however, we are only required to collect sales tax for orders shipped to Missouri locations. We Charge 8.613%.

What Is Your Refund/Return Policy?

It depends on the product

1. Custom orders are final whether we design your product or you do. You are responsible for sending us quality images and the correct spelling. In the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect we will replace the product if you notify us within 7 days of receipt of your order.

2. Stock products, whether in stock (featured) or shipped directly from the mill, do come with a 60-day return policy. We will refund your money minus all shipping expenses if returned within 60-days of receiving the products on your (or the recipients) doorstep. No restocking fees apply. Before sending a return, contact us for a return mailing address. If you send it back to the mills directly, they will not accept the return, will not ship the products back to you or me, and you will not receive a refund.

How can I check the status of my order?

First, Login to your account. There you can check on status updates. We will send you tracking information once we receive it.
If you ordered a custom product and designed it yourself, then go back to, re-enter the certificate number (that we provided you with), and it will give you the scoop on exactly where your products stand in the manufacturing process.

How Do I Contact You?

You can contact us seven days a week by phone, e-mail or mail via the following:

Phone: 314.974.5337


Mail:    Blanket Dude P.O. Box 933 Fenton, MO 63026


What Type And Size Image Do You Need? 

We prefer a JPEG but we can accept the following formats: TIFF, PDF and BMP. In terms of image size the ideal cropping dimensions for each product are noted in the product descriptions. For those of you who are not familiar or comfortable with photo-editing we recommend submitting an image size of at least 1,000 pixels on the shorter dimension and a resolution of at least 150dpi. We'll crop the photo accordingly. If your photo is smaller we have tools that can often boost the size of an image without degrading the resolution. If we have an issue with your image we will contact you.

How Do I Know If My Photo Is Good Enough

If you are uncertain about the quality of your photo feel free to e-mail it us for review prior to placing your order.
Your satisfaction with your purchase is our utmost concern. To ensure better results we review every image we receive prior to production. If we think there might be an issue with your photo we will contact you to discuss it.
Factors we consider when evaluating a photo include the following:

1. Image Size. The image ideally should be at least 1,000 pixels on the shorter dimension and 150dpi. While we do use some software tools to increase image size without causing deterioration in resolution these tools typically do not work on web and cellphone based images.

2. Image Subject Matter. We are weaving the blanket, pillow or other woven product you purchase using yarn to re-create the graphic definition of the content of your image, therefore, close up or portrait style photos produce the best results. The graphic definition we achieve using close up and portrait style photos is unparalleled by our competitors.

3. Image Quality. The clarity and contrast of your photo do affect the end result. That is, the better the photo the better the blanket or pillow. An image that is blurry will appear so on our products. Shadowing or bright light on faces due to the positioning of lighting cannot be easily eliminated. The more distinct the contrast in color between your subject and the background the better the results.

Will You Crop My Photo?

We will crop your photo, unless you tell us otherwise, under two conditions. First, to eliminate what we call the "noise", that is, the area to the sides and the top and bottom of the photo that add no appreciable value to the image. By cropping the noise your major subject(s) will be displayed larger and with more definition. And second, to the extent we need to conform the aspect ratio of your photo to best fit our product. For this second reason we suggest you minimize the cropping prior to sending us your photo.

Can I Add Text To A Custom Product?

You can add text to many of our products. We provide one or more fields for text entry for those products which are eligible. We suggest that you let our designers determine the best placement for the text on our products.

Can I Send A Photo For You To Scan?

If you do not have scanning capability you can mail your photo to us and we'll scan it. There is no charge for this service. If mailing we recommend using a photo mailer to ensure proper care of your photograph during transit. Photos mailed to us will be returned with your order. We are not responsible for photographs lost or damaged in transit.

Can I Put More Than One Photo On A Blanket?

Absolutely. Our designers are the best in the business in creating photo collages. Review our work in our portfolio page called “Idea Builder”.

What If My Photo Is Not In A Digital Format?

If your image is not in a digital format you can easily turn it into a digital file with the use of a scanner. We recommend scanning your image at 300 dpi to accomplish this. If the image is smaller than 5" x 7" please scan it at an even higher resolution. When scanning be sure to scan only the photo and not the entire scanner bed.

What Color Will The Border Be?

Our designers usually select a border color that compliments the colors of your photo. If you have a particular border color that you would like use to use just let us know. If you do not want a border on your blanket and would prefer that it "bleed" to the fringes we'll also be happy to accommodate your request.

Can You Turn A Black And White Photo Into A Color Throw?

We cannot add color to a black and white image.

Can I See A Proof Before You Manufacture My Blanket?

As a general rule we do provide a proof unless there is no added text or borders. Expect a delay in the processing of your order by several days when we create a proof. You can opt out of one by request.

Do You Provide References?

We're very proud of the quality or our work and our customer service. We regularly receive e-mails from our customers providing feedback about their experience working with us and we share this feedback with you in our testimonials (located at the bottom of every page).

What is the lead time for shipping?

It depends on the product and the location.

1. The featured products (excluding Custom) are all in stock in our warehouse. These are our most popular products. These ship within 24 hours of receiving payment

2. All of the other products ship directly from the mills, and in most cases will be made to order. This means your products will be put in line to be manufactured, cleaned and hand finished before being directly sent to you or your recipient.

A. Some products take longer to make then others. Blankets are usually delivered to your doorstep in 2-3 weeks, unless ordering large quantities.

B. Totes, pillows, shams, and wall tapestries take the longest because each product is sewn and hand finished for uniqueness. These products may take 4-8 weeks to be delivered.
Can You Expedite An Order?
If you need a custom product sooner than our average turnaround time of about 3 weeks please call us. We will, if at all possible, accommodate your timing. Stock products are made at the leisure of the manufacturers and cannot be expedited. To get an order fast, order one of our products that are in stock (our Featured Products).

Do You Ship Internationally?

We ship worldwide. To locations outside of the United States we ship USPS Global Express Mail in order to have a tracking number.

Do You Ship To APO / FPO Addresses?

We ship to APO and FPO addresses. These orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail.

Do You Have A Catalog?

We do not maintain a print catalog for distribution. All of our current products can be found on our web site.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you need any additional information.

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